UNIX System Administration

UNIX System Administration—Infidati Pros Are Your Dedicated Experts

Maintaining an efficient, stable UNIX environment requires a team of specialized administrators with in-depth experience. To ensure productivity and peace of mind, you need UNIX experts who proactively monitor and optimize your IT infrastructure.

Enlisting the services of a dedicated UNIX expert is a smart investment in your long-term business success. Our technicians don’t just troubleshoot. They actively seek out ways to accomplish tasks more efficiently, and less expensively, on your behalf.

When you partner with Infidati, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a true expert on your team. We’ll guide you toward making smart, informed IT decisions tailored to your business goals and challenges. Our expert UNIX administrators have extensive expertise about specific UNIX technologies and functionality, including clusters, mail server, storage, virtualization, and more. And we’re all based in the U.S.—we never outsource overseas.

Why Choose Infidati for UNIX System Administration Support?

  • We’ve managed hundreds of UNIX-based systems, and have a solid understanding of the platform’s specialized technology.
  • We offer a scalable service model based on full-time, monthly, or hourly support—so you’ll pay only for what you need.
  • Our certified UNIX professionals provide creative, customized solutions that truly resolve issues, instead of just offering quick fixes.
  • We are knowledgeable in all areas of UNIX administration, with the flexibility to accommodate the needs of your current build.
  • Our IT professionals are passionate about problem-solving—the bigger the challenge, the harder we work.

Qualified and Flexible UNIX System Administration Professionals with Adaptable Skill-Sets Tailored to Your UNIX System

With Infidati, you’ve chosen a team of UNIX experts who are dedicated solely to the efficiency and accuracy of your system. We’re driven, seasoned professionals who are always searching for the way to get the most out of your system.

Jack-of-All-Trades vs. Focused Expertise

Infidati takes each of the skills exhibited by a traditional UNIX system administrator and has experts focused on each facet of these capabilities. Choose one vendor and get a crew of focused professionals that can handle whatever comes your way.

Scale Your Engagement with Infidati to Reach Your Goals

Reaching your goals may mean a full-time, multi-tiered relationship with Infidati, but it could mean a quick project or consultation to get things on track for your future success. We’re here, regardless of the extent of your engagement, and we’re set up to make sure you get what you pay for and only pay for what you need.

Get dedicated support and optimization for your UNIX system. Contact one of our system administrators now.