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Server Administration

Remote Server Administration - Enjoy the Benefits of a Full-Time Staff, Without the Up-front Investment

Infidati's team of expert Linux, UNIX, and Windows administrators can serve large clients looking for comprehensive services—or smaller businesses that need a boost to get to the next level with a few hours a month.

At Infidati, every client, large and small, receives the same high level of service and expertise.

UNIX System Administration

UNIX System Administration—Infidati Pros Are Your Dedicated Experts

Maintaining an efficient, stable UNIX environment requires a team of specialized administrators with in-depth experience. To ensure productivity and peace of mind, you need UNIX experts who proactively monitor and optimize your IT infrastructure.

Network Administration

Network Systems Administration and Maintenance by Senior-Level Experts

Infidati’s expert Linux, UNIX, and Windows network administrators focus on ensuring the overall integrity and security of our clients’ networks. As the highest level of technical staff involved in system management, we’ve designed and deployed hundreds of networks for businesses large and small, on their terms and according to their needs.

Remote Administration

Remote Network Administration Tailored to Your IT Infrastructure

Infidati’s IT pros know everything from Linux to Windows—all the most popular databases, infrastructure, software—and more. Our remote capabilities mean we’re experts at optimizing IT systems anytime, from anywhere.

Choosing an expert for remote network administration is the key to ensuring effective short-term management and the long-term functionality of your information systems.

Linux System Administration

Infidati—Your Ideal Partner for Expert Linux System Administration

While most in-house Linux administrators possess a basic familiarity with troubleshooting desktop or server issues, they tend to work almost exclusively on controlling the computing environment without the time or expertise to address things proactively.

It pays to utilize a Linux expert! Who else will go beyond troubleshooting to search for better ways to do things more efficiently—and less expensively—on your behalf?

Cloud Services

Access Expert Cloud Computing Services with Infidati

Whether you’re already enjoying the benefits of the cloud, or you’re considering making the transition, you’ll soon find that managing a private or public cloud platform requires a more advanced administrative toolset than traditional systems.

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