Server Administration

Remote Server Administration - Enjoy the Benefits of a Full-Time Staff, Without the Up-front Investment

Infidati's team of expert Linux, UNIX, and Windows administrators can serve large clients looking for comprehensive services—or smaller businesses that need a boost to get to the next level with a few hours a month.

At Infidati, every client, large and small, receives the same high level of service and expertise.

Once you've invested in system optimization with a faster, more productive working environment, your site will surely draw more traffic, which will raise your server load again. Before long, you will find that your business requires continuous resources to keep up with your success. In short, you need solutions to support growth, so your clients aren’t left in the cold just when they’re ready to engage with your company.

Would you rather trust the integrity of your system to a contracted server administrator you hired from an online forum - or would you prefer access to a team of professional senior administrators who are immersed in IT infrastructure services?

Why Infidati for Expert Remote Server Administration?

Infidati senior server administrators, all based in the U.S., provide expertise in the critical areas of:

  • Provisioning and management
  • Monitoring and protection
  • Service management
  • Virtualization
  • Automation
  • Security and compliance
  • Performance optimization

Best-in-Class Remote Server Administration with Infidati Unlimited Capabilities for Your Business Model

Some companies rely on finite in-house or contract work resources that are not nearly as effective as partnering with an experienced IT services provider like Infidati. Take it big or focus your system on particular functionality - with us, your capabilities are limitless.

Full Benefits with None of the Hassle

Hiring an in-house employee for server administration entails an extensive search, new-hire training, and a load of paperwork. Then you hold your breath and hope that their expertise fits what you need today and what comes tomorrow.

Trained Professionals at Your Fingertips

Contract comprehensive end-to-end services or just a few hours of project work. Either way, you get more than you'll pay for with Infidati. Just a phone call or e-mail away, the best in the business are your partners in building a successful company.

Contact one of Infidati’s expert system administrators today to get started!