Network Administration

Network Systems Administration and Maintenance by Senior-Level Experts

Infidati’s expert Linux, UNIX, and Windows network administrators focus on ensuring the overall integrity and security of our clients’ networks. As the highest level of technical staff involved in system management, we’ve designed and deployed hundreds of networks for businesses large and small, on their terms and according to their needs.

When you partner with Infidati, you’ll benefit from the combined knowledge of every member of our staff and every solution we’ve ever devised.

IT infrastructure is a significant investment—and absolutely essential for any business to thrive in this world of 24-hour commerce. So how do you ensure that your investment delivers the return you expect? Trust your state-of-the-art infrastructure to the expert network administrators at Infidati.

We understand that network administration means different things to different companies—and our experts are well-versed at discerning these differences and delivering precisely what you need.

Why Infidati for Expert Network Systems Administration?

Infidati’s senior network administrators, all based in the U.S., provide expertise in the critical areas of:

  • Network address assignment
  • Routing protocols and configuration
  • Server maintenance
  • Authentication and authorization directory services
  • VPN gateway maintenance
  • File server administration
  • Intrusion detection systems

Best-in-Class Network Systems Administration

Rather than trusting your customer satisfaction quotient to an in-house, multi-tiered help desk staffed by 1-, 2-, and 3-level employees, choose Infidati, where every call—and every function—is handled by an expert.

Why restrict yourself by working in a “silo” with a limited amount of resources? When you partner with Infidati, your network benefits from a consortium of experts that troubleshoot issues, provide fixes, and develop new solutions that increase the integrity and security of your system. Contract Only What You Need

Whether you need comprehensive network services, or you just need expert consulting services to kick-start a project, you can utilize Infidati for as much or as little as you’d like. Infidati gives you the power to make choices that best serve your needs and your budget. We’re here 24/7/365 to serve you and to ensure the success of your IT infrastructure.

To get started, contact Infidati’s expert system administrators today!