IT Monitoring

Catch and Solve Network Security and Administration Problems - Before They Become Expensive Catastrophes

If your business relies on mission-critical systems, you need some form of automated monitoring to stop problems before they can compromise your operations.

Many small businesses use an ineffective system we like to call CBM (Customer Based Monitoring). With this approach, the customer is the one who tells the business when its systems are down. This type of monitoring leaves customers feeling frustrated, worried, and doubtful of your credibility.

With our professional monitoring solution, your dedicated team of Infidati administrators will receive a notification as soon as a problem starts to form. In most cases, we can catch and fix system issues before anyone even notices them.

Get Priceless Peace of Mind with a Proactive Safeguard

Our enterprise-level, proactive monitoring solution constantly scans your servers and resources, notifying an Infidati administrator when certain thresholds are breached. This automatic, enterprise-level monitoring solution prevents downtime and outages, saving your business time and money while protecting your reputation.

Ensure the Health of Your Database

While high-level database monitoring can be included with our system monitoring solutions, mission-critical databases require more granular monitoring and metrics. As with all Infidati services, we can customize our database monitoring services to fit your needs and budget.

IT Administration and System Monitoring: A Powerful Combination

Automated monitoring works in conjunction with our other administration services, or your own IT team. Many small businesses combine our automated monitoring solution along with a few hours of administration, eliminating the need for a full-time administrator.

How Does Our Monitoring Solution Work?

First, an Infidati administrator performs a free server health check to ensure the health and stability of your existing systems, prior to installing the monitoring agent. This agent works with the Infidati monitor server to proactively watch over your systems. When a threat is detected, an instant notification is sent to one of our diligent administrators, who resolves the problem immediately.

Our automated solution monitors the following essential components:


  • Host
  • Network
  • Space Utilization
  • File System
  • Memory Consumption
  • Hung Processes

Performance Monitoring

  • Processor Utilization
  • Storage IO
  • Network IO
  • UNIX, Linux, and Windows Server Monitoring
  • Server Room Monitoring

General Monitoring

  • Security
  • Backups
  • System Logs
  • Application Logs
  • …and more!

At Infidati, we prevent system problems before they become expensive catastrophes. Contact one of our expert system administrators today to learn how.