What is Server Administration in the Cloud?

| May 14, 2013

What is server administration in the cloud? It is a concept that’s as intriguing as it is confusing, but experts are narrowing the definition to better explain what it entails.

When a company signs up with a cloud service provider, they not only become a cloud network user, but also a server administrator for their own piece of the public cloud or a total server administrator for their private cloud. For some companies that are considering moving their data and apps to the cloud, this is a worrisome prospect. Unlike larger companies with IT departments that already understand the intricate details that go into personal server administration, smaller companies, start-ups, and individual users have a lot to learn before successfully managing their data within the cloud.

What is Server Administration?

The specifics of cloud server administration are determined by the individual needs of a company or user, but the basic concept is simple: cloud server administration is the process of uploading, managing, and accessing all of a company’s data and activity within the cloud.

What Tools Are Required for Success in the Cloud?

The ultimate means of successfully mastering cloud server administration is understanding how to use your server’s administration tools. The first step is to locate your Server Preferences screen. Here, even users who are not tech-savvy can find the tools they need to make changes or upload new data.

The Server Preferences screen includes options to:

  • Start and cease offered services
  • Add users and administrators
  • Create groups and upload apps
  • View basic system information
  • Look at the server, security, graphs, and user logs

For larger companies, cloud server administration is handled by a professional administrator promoted from within an existing IT team, or through an outside source that trains and manages the existing IT team. Smaller companies can usually afford to hire a professional administrator for consulting or training purposes, a practice that’s highly recommended by cloud service providers. The consultant can teach your IT group the basics of those cloud server administration actions that are not covered by cloud service providers.

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