What is an IT Consulting Services Firm & Why Does My Company Need One?

| November 6, 2013

IT Consulting Services Accommodate Emerging & Evolving Business Technologies

In today’s business world, it is difficult to navigate constantly shifting technology. This is especially true for small- to medium-sized companies that lack the technical resources available to large corporations and industry leaders. However, in the last decade, IT consulting services firms have expanded their service options to provide custom software/hardware planning, security options, and other information technology advice to suit clients’ needs.

Here is a look at some of the service options offered by a few of the top IT consulting services firms.

IT Consulting Services Firms Provide Advice on Data Planning & Strategy

Companies rely on their data storage and security to run their business, so this service encompasses a large area of consultation between firms and their clients. Data planning and strategizing includes topics such as: what new software or hardware can a company invest in to cut costs, to more efficiently store data for easier access, or to increase data security.

Once options are evaluated and chosen, the firm will sit down with their clients to strategize which sectors need to be upgraded first, estimate the costs piece-by-piece opposed to one large upgrade, and create a practical timeline for completion. Most firms also offer guidance on managing the systems they put in place. How many IT members will the new system require? Is it possible to run the system effectively with your current team, or will you need to hire more? Should you have any technical specialists on-hand for daily maintenance—and, if so, is there another system option that keeps you from having to increase your IT team?

Advice About Information Protection Options

Once a data plan is in place, consulting firms can give advice on what security options are best for the new system. Is it possible that they will run on the current security software? What will it cost (both for the software and the IT hours involved in upgrading)?

IT consulting services firms can be hired on a per project basis, making them ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that are budgeting these consultations based on priority. As with any business decision, do plenty of research and ask about a free consultation before settling with one provider.

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