Using Hybrid Cloud Business Services

| March 20, 2013

When looking at cloud business services, the choices can be dizzying. You may worry that public cloud computing presents security and privacy concerns, while a private cloud reduces your cost savings. One potential solution is a hybrid cloud, which helps preserve the cost advantages of public clouds, while reserving private servers and storage for sensitive data and vital processing. This model gives your company the flexibility to meet different needs for the various aspects of what you do.

The Need for Private Cloud Business Services

Every business has data it needs to protect, and processes at the core of everything it does. Private consumer data and proprietary software functions are perfect candidates for private cloud functionality. This requires investment in the servers and hardware to house the information and run the programs. By building out a private cloud structure, you can keep this information internal, and even limit access within your organization to those who need it. Control and protection can give you peace of mind on the most important aspects of your company. And hosting it on a private cloud allows your company—and only your company—to access it from multiple locations over secure connections.

Which Cloud Business Services Are Okay for Public Clouds?

Most businesses have peripheral data that may require less control. This may include sales records and public financial data, which may become cumbersome to maintain on in-house servers. Sending this data to a public cloud and using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to house the information frees up your internal systems for your core functions and most sensitive information.

Combining Your Cloud Business Services in a Hybrid Model

Given the dual needs of your business, hybrid cloud services are a smart choice. You want the scalability of a public cloud solution, while protecting and maintaining key data and functions in-house. Indeed, more and more major cloud service providers are providing tailored hybrid cloud offerings for businesses of all sizes. Microsoft, Cisco, and many other tech companies will work with each client to customize their cloud offerings.

In the face of all these options, it can be difficult to find the right provider. Not only do you need to compare what each company provides, but you need to understand which of your information requires private cloud protection, which can function through or be stored in a public cloud, and what you need on-site to make it all work. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you find the right cloud services for your company.