Three Simple Steps to Increase Your Cell Phone Security

| January 9, 2014

Cell Phone Security: Crucial in Today’s Tech-Driven World

Today it’s nearly impossible to find someone that doesn’t have a smartphone—and those who don’t are likely to at least have a cell phone filled with personal information and contact numbers. Skilled hackers are able to worm their way into smartphones through Wi-Fi connections and, if that doesn’t work, thieves can simply reach into your pocket and steal it. This is especially true for companies that give their employees cell phones or other mobile devices for work purposes.

Let’s take a closer look at how to increase your work or personal cell phone security.

First Step in Cell Phone Security: Password Protection

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the majority of people don’t have a password on their phones. Newer cell phones require the user to create a password in order to get to the main screen, but that can be manually disabled. Without any kind of access code or password, there is no line of defense against hackers or thieves. Make sure that your cell phone has a password to get to the main screen, then make sure that each app housing personal data—such as mobile banking or social media—has a complex password of its own.

Second Step in Cell Phone Security: Not Accessing Personal Or Company Data From Public Wi-Fi

Many restaurants are offering Wi-Fi for their customers now and for the most part, they are protected. However, it is much easier for hackers to access a device through public Wi-Fi and much more difficult to track their activity. This is why it is important to never access private or sensitive company data (especially a remote server) through untrusted or public Internet connections.

Second Step in Cell Phone Security: Only Download Apps from Reliable Sources

There are thousands of apps available for phones, but not all of them are completely above board. Many sketchy apps are actually fronts for hackers looking to access a phone’s personal data undetected. It is important to only download apps that have been cleared through app stores—once the bad apps are downloaded, your cell phone is susceptible to hacking each time it connects to the Internet.

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