New Advancements You Need to Know as an Exchange Server Administrator

| May 21, 2013

Exchange Server Administrator Specialists Tackle New Updates to Pull Microsoft Forward in the Cloud Provider Race

According to Internet buzz, server administrators running on Microsoft Exchange have not been this excited about new features since the introduction of native instant messaging. Microsoft Exchange has been running public and private servers for over 15 years, and is considered one of the most efficient and reliable server administration tools available. Here are some of the new updates that have administrators so excited.

Exchange Server Administrator Update Includes a New Admin Center

One of the benefits that Microsoft Exchange had over other servers was that its administration center ran off of the Exchange Management Console (EMC). It was well-designed, well-organized, and well-respected. Microsoft baffled almost every Exchange server administrator with the new update by replacing EMC with the Exchange Admin Center (EAC), which was originally introduced with the first service pack and did not go over well. The new version has been formatted around what worked with EMC, and current server administrators are taking a shine to it.

Microsoft Exchange Server Administration Update Introduces New Compliance Enhancements

The most notable improvement is better search options and maintenance in the mailbox through the In-Place eDiscovery and Hold features. These features allow the user to search through one mailbox, or many, to easily find the items they need and save them to a specific location.

The second new feature, the Data Loss Prevention (DLP), allows users to maintain security procedures while creating new rules that define the specific needs of each individual company. It is based around the 2010 software structure that allows the server administrator to transport exceptions and actions between computers on the server.

As technology moves forward, almost every major update creates some headaches for those it affects. The Microsoft Exchange Server Administration update for 2013 has offered users interesting and efficient new options without creating stress or hassle. From improving mailbox and security features to updating the look and style of the administration center, Microsoft Exchange 2013 is reminding its users why Microsoft is still one of the big names in server administration.

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