Network Monitoring Software Top Picks for 2015

| October 28, 2015

Websites have in a short time become the lifeblood of digital enterprise, and good network monitoring software is critical to keep their data safe. Eye-catching, information-spreading, and profit-producing, websites allow ease of sales, payments, order generation, and delivery scheduling. A well-run business website makes doing business lightning fast and CPA accurate. Keeping online transactions safe and secure is therefore vital for the company’s bottom line and the manager’s peace of mind.

An ever-changing variety of network monitoring software – each with its positive and negative attributes – has entered the marketplace to create safeguards designed to keep everything running smoothly, efficiently, and productively.

No single individual can hope to oversee all the needs of a website – a demanding IT task, indeed – and keep it humming like a well-oiled machine in the process. He needs help. Network monitoring software offers the help he needs. PC magazine recently ranked the best network monitoring software, based upon business transaction analytics, third-party website tag tracking, text alerts, and myriad other characteristics of successful network monitoring.

An analyst noted there are a few “core essentials that each monitoring service must have: Browser monitoring, mobile monitoring, a combination of real user monitoring and synthetic performance monitoring, and real-time alerting capabilities.” These tasks are important but rather incomplete. You need to see what’s out there after carefully determining your software needs for today, next quarter, and a decade from now. It’s paramount that you ascertain your optimal monitoring needs before you install expensive but necessary software designed to protect you day-to-day and at times of crisis.

And the Winners Are…

After figuring in nearly 25 factors necessary to insure optimal ease in business applications – with initial product cost at the head of the line – the elite network monitoring software firms of 2015 are AppDynamics, SmartBear AlertSize Pro, Dynatrace UEM, Pingdom, and Ghostery MCM. Each has its own strongest trump suit when compared to other market leaders as well as to those further down the pack.

For example, AppDynamics can show information flowing back and forth from the front-end website to the back-end servers and databases. Dynatrace UEM and SmartBear AlertSize Pro use tile-based custom dashboards that overflow with charts, graphs, and maps, producing customized website pages that a user somewhere within the business strata might request. Pingdom uses one specific metric called uptime to gauge website function in the time it takes to blink an eye.

These five and other software creations like them are invaluable tools for managers to employ to make their business grow and to ratchet up their own business intelligence quotient. Expert IT professionals are similarly essential for seamless network surveillance and inside guarantor of performance.

To learn more about the key role of network monitoring software and the work it should be optimizing for your business website, please get in touch with us.