Myths Surrounding the Best Cloud Services

| April 18, 2013

Best Cloud Services Inspire Technical Myths—Here Are Some That Have Been Debunked by IT Professionals All Over the World

The cloud system is the latest technological breakthrough in regards to data storage and accessibility. It was designed to prevent companies, government organizations, hospitals, and other large facilities from having to purchase expensive personal servers.

Cloud computing itself is a term that has yet to be defined, as much of the system has yet to be tested. One thing professionals do agree on is that cloud computing includes all technical issues related to the cloud, such as how the data is transferred, how it is stored, who can access the data, and privacy concerns. With so much uncharted territory, it is only natural that cloud computing myths are spreading online.

Myth #1: The Cloud is Too Large to Guarantee Security

Many first-time cloud users are hesitant to take that first step into the cloud computing system. The move itself requires a fair amount of preparation, especially if there is a lot of data to move all at once, but the main concern is how safe the data is after the transfer.

Cloud computing experts have doggedly worked to ease this worry. All action within the cloud is closely monitored by the cloud security system, and is so strict and efficient that it has passed the Department of Defense’s Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process.

Myth #2: The Cloud Will be Expensive in the Long Run

Professionals find this cloud computing myth laughable. There was a genuine concern in the beginning about the overhead costs of initial data transfer, but as more people began to understand how cloud systems work, those fears were quickly put to rest.

Cloud computing was designed as a complete system and not just as technological add-on. What this means is that in addition to being a virtual storage system, the cloud also offers services such as computing, securing, and monitoring that would normally be done by in-house IT units. This saves the user money by ridding them of the need for expensive equipment, personal servers, security systems, and IT hours that could be put to better use.

Myth #3: The Service Needs of the Cloud Will Cause Major Downtime

This cloud computing myth was spawned from fears of traditional server failures and lengthy maintenance, but it is simply untrue. The beauty of the cloud system is that if one part needs to shut down for service, all of the data in that server is seamlessly transferred to another virtual server without service interruption..

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