Mobile Cloud Services Reshaped by Amazon

| April 26, 2013

Mobile Cloud Services — Amazon Is a Trailblazer

When the cloud was first introduced, it was sold as an inexpensive means of storage for large companies needing a more efficient means of managing data. From there, it evolved to include affordable options for small and medium-sized businesses bearing the brunt of a tough economy. With so much data floating around the cloud, many people are struggling to pinpoint the next step.

Amazon has forged its own path in regards to cloud data storage, as it pushes forward with reshaping mobile cloud services to change how the world views the cloud’s long-term usefulness.

Amazon Web Services Targets the Start-ups

As a cloud service provider, Amazon must keep an edge over their competition. While their competitors targeted the larger companies willing to pay more for increased data storage, Amazon embraced the small- and medium-sized companies, namely those looking to bring their apps to cloud.

Start-up companies are often seen as a risk. There is very little opportunity for profit in the beginning, success is uncertain, and statistics show that an impressive number of apps fail before their one-year mark. With the numbers not on their side, why would Amazon choose to take on the riskier companies?

Many IT professionals believe that it is all a part of the Amazon Corporation’s long-term goals. Reshaping mobile cloud services is a force that’s changing the way the world views retail—and nearly destroying the traditional publishing industry in a growing list of the company’s Internet innovations.

An Efficient Means of Data Analysis

One of the major reasons Amazon’s Web Services Division has taken off is that their interest in the cloud is not only to host data, but to analyze it for use in all global industries.

For example, Amazon Web Services hosts a company called the Climate Corporation, which runs simulations of 10,000 possible weather scenarios over the next two years in locations across the United States to help farmers get fair crop insurance policies.

Innovative data analysis is nothing new to Amazon. A few years ago, their website introduced the idea of online retailers collecting user data through searches and purchase history, tailoring item suggestion lists to each individual’s interests and tastes.

Inspiring the Competition

Amazon’s Web Service success has inspired major competitors, such as Google and Microsoft, to create similar web services and offer them within the cloud. Competition among technology giants means an even more exciting future for companies looking to upgrade to the cloud, as each company searches for ways to improve their service options and keep their customers happy.

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