Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Private Cloud: A Valuable Certification for any Windows Server Administrator

Windows Server Administrator Positions Require an In-Depth Knowledge of the Latest Windows Technologies

A Windows server administrator is responsible for understanding the ins and outs of the Windows Server program their company runs on. They are also responsible for ensuring that every task and upgrade is completed properly. To have the job, every Windows server administrator needs to have a firm grasp of these subjects. The need for new certifications comes when their company is interested in making the switch from traditional networking to a private cloud.

What is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Private Cloud (MCSE Private Cloud) Certification?

The MCSE Private Cloud Certification is rewarded to network administrators that complete the course and pass tests in the following categories:

  • Windows 2012
  • System Center 2012
  • Hyper-V
  • SharePoint
  • Exchange

These are all basic processes used within any private cloud running on Microsoft software. It covers the basics, from installation protocols and compatible hardware to regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and data center automation.

This certification is most likely part of the curriculum for college students who are working toward a degree required to be a network administrator, such as Computer Science or Information Technology Management. For seasoned administrators, the company will usually pay for the certification class if they decide it is a necessary step to ensure success in the cloud.

How Can This Certification Help Every Windows Server Administrator?

The main reason this certification is so useful and important to every Windows server administrator is that the course provides a thorough knowledge of each aspect of the private cloud system. Cloud technology can be difficult to navigate and master if someone is trying to figure it out on their own.

The MCSE Private Cloud Certification is also an excellent achievement to list on a resume, as it gives network administrators an edge over the competition. For existing network administrators, it helps with job security and with easily managing networks operating in the cloud.

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