Infidati Minds the Store with Remote Server Administration Tools

Your server is the beating heart of your system. If it misses a beat, business stops flowing. Your web site won't be open, your e-mails will be lost, your invoicing will get scrambled, and your deliveries won't happen. If your server stops, your business stops.

A fully secure IT system is vital for everything, from monitoring your company's orders to making sure your phone lines are open. Depending on how technologically integrated your company is, ensuring a properly functioning server can very quickly become an anchor around your corporate neck.

Of course, nobody is suggesting that you go back to a Rolodex and creaky filing cabinets. You can't do 20th century business in the 21st century. But it doesn't mean you're helpless in the face of possible technological catastrophe. As Andrew Carnegie said, "Put all your eggs in one basket, then watch that basket."

The Blue-Chip Solution— Remote Server Administration Beats a Huge IT Department

If you're a large company with loads of staff, then you can afford the luxury and burden of hiring your own IT department. The constant monitoring and tweaking of your server by experts armed with the correct software tools will ensure the bloodstream of your business keeps flowing, and the impact of any unpreventable disruptions will be kept to an absolute minimum. Of course, such solutions for round-the-clock IT cover don't come cheap.

Having three to five server gurus working shifts and covering holidays is absurd for most small- to medium-sized businesses. And who wants to do business with fingers and toes crossed, hoping nothing goes wrong with the servers?

If you have a more modest company—or even a larger one, but don't have the time or resources to build an IT department from the ground up—remote administration can save you a lot of time and money and keep your online presence constant and true.

In the 21st century, as we perfect the speed and efficiency of global communication systems, remote administration tools are sleeker and more sophisticated than ever. You don't actually have to be right there with a computer to keep the system—and your business—optimized.

Remote Server Administration Offers the Right Tools for the Right Job

Here at Infidati, we have a wide range of powerful administration tools, some developed specifically to enable us to identify, solve, and prevent our customers' IT problems before they even know they have them, and before those server bugs can cause a major business disruption.

The tools our expert administrators use are the software equivalent of finely crafted watchmaker's instruments that perform intricate and precise adjustments to your company's systems. But the tools are only part of the story.

Infidati Specializes in Remote Server Administration Tools that Optimize Your Business

You wouldn't trust a $10,000 Swiss watch to a random stranger to service, no matter how high the quality of his tools. How much more valuable is your business?

At Infidati, we have the expertise to get the most out of your business computing. We're on call 24/7 to cover all manner of IT administration. Our staff's technical knowledge and ability is rivaled only by their diligence and dedication to keeping your systems running at peak efficiency at all times.

Big or small, your company depends on its computers. And you can depend on Infidati to manage all your business IT needs.

You may not be able to afford the IT department of a blue-chip company, but that doesn't mean you can't have the same standards.

Talk to us today to find out how Infidati can keep your systems and business smoothly running in the face of technological adversity.