Identify Weak Points in Your Database Security & Stop Hackers Before They Get Into Your System

| December 2, 2014

Database Security: The Best Line of Defense for Protecting Your System from Hacker Attacks

Identifying and reinforcing the weak points in your database security is the easiest way to safeguard your company’s data and your customers’ sensitive information. A company’s database is usually the first target for hackers, because that is a storage repository for credit card information, passwords, logins, money transfer codes, and just about anything else that is entered into your intranet or through your website.

Database security scans often come up empty when searching for traditional methods of unauthorized internal or external sabotage. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular hacking methods used by modern cyber attackers.

Exploiting Data Leaks Due to Weak Encryption Practices

When it comes to setting up and launching a company’s computer security system, the database is often overlooked in the data encryption process. Because of this, hackers are able to use it as an entry point to your secure data—and then to your entire computer system. This database security weak point can be easily remedied by having your IT team encrypt all databases with an SSL or TLS encryption platform.

Reduce the Chances of Falling Prey to Database Security Risks

Another way that hackers can gain access to the information in your database is through spyware that targets employee logins and passwords. Many companies provide a generic login for all based on their first and last name. Once any employee logs in and accesses a web page or email connected to the hacker’s spyware program, the attackers can leech into their profile to discover their password and use it to search through the entire computer system.

This is another method that can be easily avoided simply by ensuring that each employee creates a password that requires capitalized letters, numbers, and at least one symbol. Once the employee’s profile has been created, IT administrators should also be able to limit accessibility based on employee rank. This makes it harder for hackers to find a login that can access the more secure areas of the internal system.

Pinpoint Vulnerabilities in Your Database Security

Databases are often pushed aside when it comes to setting up the overall computer security system. Hackers know this, and will use it to their advantage if your IT team does not take the extra steps to protect it.

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