Cloud Services

Access Expert Cloud Computing Services with Infidati

Whether you’re already enjoying the benefits of the cloud, or you’re considering making the transition, you’ll soon find that managing a private or public cloud platform requires a more advanced administrative toolset than traditional systems.

Infidati provides first-class IT administration services for businesses of all sizes, from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our flexible service model saves you time and money by allowing you to pay only for the services you require.

Discover the New Face of IT Administration and Cloud Computing Services

Times have changed—IT administration is no longer just about configuration, archiving, and policy management. Effectively managing IT services in the cloud requires unique skills and capabilities.

A common misconception is that once a company moves to the cloud, there’s no longer a need for a system administrator. Although a virtual environment doesn’t require you to purchase hardware or install operating systems, it involves many complex functions that require specialized training.

In the cloud, you need a team of innovative professionals who can identify opportunities to reduce day-to-day support and spend more time developing and delivering the services and applications that add value to your business.

Why Choose Infidati Cloud Computing Services?

We’ve been in the business from the very beginning, since IT first went virtual. Our IT professionals, all based in the U.S., are experts in:

  • Virtual storage and server virtualization
  • Security monitoring
  • Integration of existing, on-premise services with your private or public cloud
  • Building new applications in the cloud
  • Various collaboration products across a wide variety of platforms and operating systems

We offer specialized expertise in every facet of IT administration, including process automation, security, migration, compatibility, customization, and scalability.

First-Class System Administration, Database Administration, and IT Monitoring Services

Our senior-level administrators stay ahead of the curve by monitoring new trends in computer systems and technology, averaging over 15 years of experience in all types and sizes of environments.

Round-the-Clock IT Administration

Why hire an on-site administrator who only manages your systems during regular business hours, when your customers depend on superior functionality 24/7? Infidati ensures the constant coverage your business requires. We don’t call in sick, we’re never out on vacation, and we provide responsive support night and day—including holidays!

Skilled Outsourcing Professionals Maximize Your Scalable, Customized IT Solution

Whether you’re looking for a full team of senior administrators to manage 24-hour support, or just a few hours of support per month, Infidati offers superior services to meet your needs. Only contract what you need, and save yourself time and money.

Call one of our expert system administrators to find out how we can turn your gray skies blue.