Cloud Based Services

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Microsoft Exchange Server Finally Upgrades to the Cloud

| July 24, 2013

Microsoft Exchange Server Transfers to the Cloud, with Much Excitement

Is It Better to Join the Free Cloud or Pay for Server Space?

| June 21, 2013

Server Space in the Cloud: Should You Use the Free Cloud, or Pay for Private Space?

There are endless considerations to make when deciding to upgrade your company’s data center or apps to the cloud. Do you need to find a remote IT support service, or can you do it yourself? Which cloud service provider should you use? Among these questions is whether you would rather pay for server space or use the free cloud. While each has its own benefits and downsides, the final decision depends on your company’s specific needs.

The Difference Between the Cloud and the Traditional Server Cluster

| June 20, 2013

Server Cluster and Related Terms: A Thing of the Past?

Server clusters have been the standard technical installation in all multi-computer businesses since tech specialists discovered how to connect multi-computers to the same server to create, in essence, one giant computer. This is still the main system in most businesses, but as more talk about the cloud as a virtual server begins to circulate, companies are stepping back to take another look at the efficiency of their systems.

Mobile Cloud Services Reshaped by Amazon

| April 26, 2013

Mobile Cloud Services — Amazon Is a Trailblazer

When the cloud was first introduced, it was sold as an inexpensive means of storage for large companies needing a more efficient means of managing data. From there, it evolved to include affordable options for small and medium-sized businesses bearing the brunt of a tough economy. With so much data floating around the cloud, many people are struggling to pinpoint the next step.

Myths Surrounding the Best Cloud Services

| April 18, 2013

Best Cloud Services Inspire Technical Myths—Here Are Some That Have Been Debunked by IT Professionals All Over the World

The cloud system is the latest technological breakthrough in regards to data storage and accessibility. It was designed to prevent companies, government organizations, hospitals, and other large facilities from having to purchase expensive personal servers.

Cloud Based Services: The Differences Among Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds

| February 18, 2013

So you've decided to make the move to cloud based services for your business. Congratulations! The decision, though, represents just the beginning of the process. There are different types of clouds to choose from, and the right decision will depend on your specific usage.