• How to Secure a Network – 7 Essential Tips

    In a world of intensifying cyber-attacks against even the most powerful of companies and organizations, maintaining a secure network is absolutely mission-critical for your business. Just one attack can shut down operations, drain sensitive data, and inflict major financial damage. How can you make sure your network is sufficiently secure to keep crafty intruders out?

    The incidence of network attacks

    February 16, 2015
  • Cyber Security in 2015: What’s New, What’s Next

    In 2014, cyber security experienced some major disruptions and a series of high-profile security breaches. While Home Depot and Target were still dealing with the aftermath of the 2013 attacks, other large retailers like Goodwill, Michael’s, and Neiman Marcus came under fire. JP Morgan Chase had a massive breach with over 83 million households and businesses compromised, and cyber thieves stole more than 100

    February 2, 2015
  • The Benefits of Online Network Security Tutorials

    Network Security Tutorials: Finding the Right Solution for Your Business

    Whether you’re a student in a computer-related field looking to increase your skills and technical knowledge, a new or seasoned IT professional, or simply interested in learning more about network security, taking a network security tutorial online is a great way to learn more about this important topic and

    February 2, 2015
  • Why Should You Perform a Website Stress Test?

    Discover the Benefits of a Website Stress Test

    Website stress testing, also referred to as load testing, is a process that tests the performance of a website and determines any limitations, particularly under unfavorable conditions. In addition to the multiple performance issues that can be measured by a website stress test, there are several other factors that can be evaluated

    February 2, 2015
  • Evolving Technology: Your First Look at the Top IT Trends for 2015

    In terms of amazing technology, 2014 was a tough year to beat. Social media sites added new elements, including video and personalization options for their users. Apple made jaw-dropping improvements to their phones and tablets, while Android tablets established themselves as real competition against Apple’s growing digital monopoly. For businesses, technology improvements included the introduction of the 3D

    December 26, 2014
  • SQL Injection Attack Protection Isn’t Beyond Your Company’s Reach

    While an SQL injection attack is rare in well-protected systems, it should be on your IT team’s radar. It’s virtually impossible to use the Internet on your computer, tablet, or smartphone without the risk of cyberattacks trying to bypass your security and steal your information without your knowledge. Hackers aren’t a new threat to the business world, but recent events involving SQL codes and system flaws

    December 26, 2014